All the most popular ways to cheat in sri lanka: practical advice on how to avoid cheating, security in sri lanka, smiles and sluts in Sri Lankan

How to get there

By plane

There are no regular direct flights from Russia to Sri Lanka, however, in the winter season from Moscow (sometimes from other cities) charters fly to Colombo (travel time with landing in Male – 9 hours). Several airlines offer connecting flights to other cities in Europe and Asia. National airline Srilankan Airlines operates flights from Colombo to a number of cities in Western Europe, to the Middle East, to India, Southeast Asia and Japan. Currently, the most convenient and cheapest is to fly with Qatar Airways via Doha

In this case, it is important to keep in mind, that the duration of the connection at the transit airport can be very long

You can only get to Sri Lanka by plane now. India's ferry service to the island was stopped for more than 20 years ago due to the civil war in Sri Lanka between government forces and LTTE (Tigrami Tamil Ilama). Over the past few years, India and Sri Lanka have been discussing the restoration of the ferry from the Indian city of Tuttukudi to Colombo and the previously operating ferry service from Mannar to Rameswaram.. However, when it happens, unknown.

Features of the route through the Bandaranaike airport of the city of Colombo

Tourists, flying from Sri Lanka to a third country (not their homeland), should be borne in mind, that airline employees in the field are extremely incompetent. There are frequent cases of denied boarding on flights from Sri Lanka to Singapore, since the Sri Lankan airline representatives, for one reason or another, do not know, that CIS citizens are allowed visa-free transit through Singapore. Besides, There are frequent cases of fraudulent credit card fraud at Colombo's Bandaranaike Airport, when you have “for check” ask for a card, by which the ticket was paid, and then bills you with unauthorized invoices. Based on the above, tourists, flying through Sri Lanka, it is recommended to buy tickets from an agent, without using a credit card. Moreover, you should arrive at the airport in advance, so that if necessary, have time for explanations with his incompetent employees.

The third problem for tourists, common at the Bandaranaike airport in Colombo, – overbooking for many flights. Local airline representatives, together with the airport ticket offices, sell more tickets, than seats on the plane. If all passengers come to check-in, airport employees, under any pretext, are trying to remove some of them from the flight. For this, various unlawful requirements are stated.. for example, check-in for Royal Jordanian flights to Amman may close three hours before departure, although the passenger's ticket clearly states that check-in ends in 45 minutes. There is only one solution to such problems. – arrive at registration in advance and firmly defend your rights, inviting the police if necessary.


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V 1872 году появились медные монеты достоинством в ¼, ½, 1 and 5 cents, dated 1870 year. V 1892 году стали чеканить серебряные монеты по 10, 25 and 50 cents. Монеты по ¼ цента исчезли в 1904 year. На смену большим медным 5-центовикам в 1909 году пришли медно-никелевые монеты — квадратные, с закругленными углами и гораздо меньшего размера. V 1919 году проба серебра была снижена с 800 to 550.

В 1940–44 годах произошли очень серьезные изменения монет. V 1940 было закончено производство монет по ½ цента, v 1942 появились бронзовые монеты по 1 центу. В том же году пятицентовые монеты стали чеканить из сплава никеля и латуни, and in 1943 этот же сплав стал использоваться для монет по 25 and 50 центов вместо серебра. V 1944 появились зубчатые монеты из сплава никеля и латуни достоинством в 2 and 10 cents.

V 1963 году появились новые монеты без портрета монарха, а именно алюминиевые монеты по 1 and 2 цента, монеты из сплава никеля и латуни по 5 and 10 центов и медно-никелевые монеты по 25, 50 центов и 1 рупии. V 1978 году монеты по 5 and 10 центов стали чеканить из алюминия. V 1984 появились медно-никелевые монеты по 2 рупии и алюминиево-бронзовые по 5 rupees.

WITH 1963 года на аверсе монеты изображается геральдический символ Шри-Ланки. На реверсе проставлен номинал — цифрами, а также на сингальском, тамильском и английском языках. Moreover, the year of issue is indicated there, а вверху монеты — название Шри-Ланка на сингальском языке. 14 December 2005 года центральный банк Шри-Ланки выпустил новую серию монет по 25 and 50 cents, 1, 2 and 5 rupees. Монеты по 1, 2, 5 and 10 cents, хотя и являются законным платежным средством, практически не используются и не чеканятся.

Обе стороны новых монет похожи на старые монеты того же номинала. Вес и материал монет изменились для простоты идентификации.

Commemorative coins

At the end 2003 года были выпущены памятные монеты достоинством в 100, 500, 1 000 and 5 000 rupees. В их число входят:

  • 1957 5 rupees "2500th Buddha Jayanti"
  • 1968 2 рупии «Второй всемирный конгресс по вопросам питания»
  • 1976 2 and 5 рупий «5-й саммит неприсоединившихся стран — Коломбо».
  • 1978 1 рупия «Первое исполнительное президентство на Шри-Ланке»
  • 1981 5 Rs. "50th anniversary of the introduction of all common voting rights"
  • 1981 2 Rupees "Accelerated Mahaweli Scheme"
  • 1987 10 Rs. "International Year of Homeless Shelters"
  • 1990 500 рупий «40-я годовщина центрального банка Шри-Ланки»
  • 1991 100 and 500 рупий «5-е южно-азиатские игры в Коломбо — декабрь 1991» 1992 1 rupee "3rd anniversary of the reign of President R. Premadasa »
  • 1993 500 рупий «2300-й Анубуду Михинду Джаянти»
  • 1995 2 рупии «50-я годовщина пищевой и сельскохозяйственной организации UN»
  • 1995 5 rupees "50th anniversary UN»
  • 1996 1 rupee "50th anniversary of the child protection fund UN»
  • 1998 1000 and 5000 рупий «50-я годовщина независимости Шри-Ланки»
  • 1999 1000 рупий «Кубок мира по крикету»
  • 1999 1 rupee "50th anniversary of the army of Sri Lanka"
  • 2000 1000 рупий «50-я годовщина центрального банка Шри-Ланки»
  • 2000 1 rupee "50th Anniversary of the Sri Lankan Navy"
  • 2001 1 rupee "50th Anniversary of the Sri Lankan Air Force"
  • 2001 2 rupees "50th Anniversary of the Colombo Plan"
  • 2003 5 rupees "250th anniversary of Syamopali Maha Nikaya, главы Асгирия и Мальватта» (two coins)


Как и любое другое ланкийское место, Weligama Bay has its own local attractions, of interest to travelers.

So, всего в 200 метрах от берега находится небольшой скалистый остров под названием «Тапробан» (так на древнегреческом языке звучит Шри-Ланка). Остров был построен в 1920-м году и долгое время находился в собственности французского графа де Мони-Талванде. For 30 лет его владения здесь появилась шикарная вилла с многочисленными комнатами и верандами. Сегодня посмотреть на остров, which the, by the way, входит в список самых романтических мест на планете, anyone can.

Звание самой необычной достопримечательности Велигамы получила фигура Бога смерти или же барельеф Кушта Раджа Гала. Это трёхметровая каменная статуя находится неподалёку от железнодорожной станции. The exact year of its creation, Unfortunately, unknown, но предположительно — это VII–IX век.

Navindu Wijesekara

О происхождении барельефа тоже известно немного. Согласно одной из версий, барельеф был установлен в честь одного местного лекаря, исцелившего от проказы (killed) foreign king. Other historians believe, что барельеф появился по приказу сингальского короля, который приносил жертвы одному из богов, и таким образом исцелился от проказы. Counts, that earlier this statue was part of the ancient temple of Sri Arabodhi.

This is an ancient temple, by the way, is also considered to be a landmark in Weligama. Построенный в III веке он был полностью разрушен и восстановлен только в XVIII веке. This temple is known for, что на его территории был посажен самый первый саженец священного дерева Бодхи, взятый из первых 32-х саженцев дерева Бо.

Традиционная для ланкийцев рыбалка на шестах к достопримечательностям не относится, но посмотреть на неё однозначно стоит. Зрелище может показаться немного необычным — не каждый день встретишь рыбаков на длинных шестах с бамбуковыми удочками. Truth, с течением времени из способа добычи рыбы этот процесс превратился в развлечение для туристов. be careful: многие ланкийцы только и ждут, чтобы туристы направили на них объектив фотоаппарата, как тут же к ним подбегают помощники «рыбаков» и начинают требовать деньги.

Snake lovers should visit the snake farm, расположенную в 14 км от Велигамы. It contains more 20 species of this reptile.

Victor Bashkir

Food and groceries in Sri Lanka

Food in Sri Lanka is much cheaper, than in thailand, what's in stores, what's in the cafe. But if you compare with India, it turns out a little more expensive. Though, Certainly, it depends on what you compare it to, if from Goa - a little more expensive (we have a separate post How much does it cost to live in Goa), but if with Kerala - it is about the same, maybe even a little cheaper (for a better understanding of prices in Kerala read our post How much does it cost to live in Kerala).

Important: in Sri Lanka, very often prices are indicated not per kilogram, and for 100 gram. Keep this in mind

But in the post we will indicate prices per kilogram., we are not Sri Lankans .

Prices for groceries in shops in Sri Lanka

But let's add some specifics. All prices from a store with fixed prices. In the markets it can be as expensive, so much cheaper, depends on the seller and your bargaining skills.

All the most popular ways to cheat in sri lanka: practical advice on how to avoid cheating, security in sri lanka, smiles and sluts in Sri Lankan


  • Papaya - 80 rupees;
  • Watermelon - 70 rupees;
  • Mango - 170-430 rupees;
  • Apples - 510 rupees;
  • Bananas - 68 rupees;
  • Pineapples - 130 rupees.


  • Cucumbers - 200 rupees;
  • Tomatoes - 50 rupees;
  • Potato - 150 rupees;
  • Onion - 70 rupees;
  • Garlic - 400 rupees;


  • Rice - 79 rupees;
  • Pasta - 250 rupees per packing 400 city.;
  • Lentils - 112 rupees.

Important: there is no buckwheat on sale in Sri Lanka !


  • Milk - 220 rupees per pack 1 liter;
  • Kurdish (a cross between Greek yogurt and sour cream) – 270 rupees per packing 900 city.

All the most popular ways to cheat in sri lanka: practical advice on how to avoid cheating, security in sri lanka, smiles and sluts in Sri Lankan

Fish - meat:

  • Hen (whole) – 450 rupees;
  • Beef - 1400 rupees;
  • Tuna - 700 rupees;
  • Shark - 1200 rupees;
  • Tiger chrimp - 1200 rupees.


  • Wine - from 1500 rupees per bottle and above;
  • Beer - from 180 rupees for a can and above.

Important: alcohol in Sri Lanka is sold in special "Alkoshop". Sometimes you can find departments with alcohol in the store itself, but there will definitely be its own cash desk and grates !

Prices in cafes and restaurants in Sri Lanka

Now a little about prices in cafes and restaurants in Sri Lanka. I'll make a reservation right away, in Sri Lanka there are cafes and restaurants of very different price levels. for example, you can eat curry rice for 350 rupees, or you can steak from a shark or a sailfish for 1350 rupees.

All the most popular ways to cheat in sri lanka: practical advice on how to avoid cheating, security in sri lanka, smiles and sluts in Sri Lankan

Examples of prices in cafes and restaurants in Sri Lanka

  • Coconut - 100 rupees;
  • Rice and curry - 350-500 rupees;
  • Seafood - from 1000 rupees;
  • Pancakes - from 100 rupees;
  • Soups - from 150 rupees;
  • Pizza - from 1000 rupees.

We eat mostly at home, but for dinner a couple of times a week we will definitely get out somewhere, sometimes on the way from the beach we go to a local restaurant for lunch. With this in mind, our food costs per month are on average 48 000 rupees, including products 30 000, eating out - 18 000.Food and grocery spending in Sri Lanka: 48 000 per month.


Шри-Ланка маячила на моем горизонте с тех давних пор, when I first started traveling on my own. It is included in the list of countries, Where is it very easy for Russians to get a visa?. So easy, что можно считать эту страну безвизовой. Виза в Шри-Ланку (Sri Lanka) легко и моментально оформляется по интернету за 35 $ or upon arrival at Bandaranayake Airport in Colombo (Colombo).

Wanted, so that in two weeks the sea, Sun, I'm so tired of fruits and new impressions, what would you dream about returning to Peter. And when you have 50 countries, the time has come for the 51st!And so, one of the July days, ставшая за последние годы почти родной компания Emirates Airlines доставила нас на далёкий остров Шри-Ланку.

Throwing backpacks, we hurried to the beach, where did you meet, perhaps, один из самых красивых закатов в жизни. You won't forget such! Our hearts, of course, filled with joy, that the journey has begun, that here he is, Indian Ocean, that here she is, freedom!When the last ray of sunshine disappeared over the horizon, the first day in the new 51st country was drawing to a close with the rustling of the ocean waves., Ceylon, this is us!

Unawatuna Sri Lanka, Jungle Beach (Jangle Beach)

Attractions and entertainment

Same, who wants to know the history of Ceylon, an interesting journey through different cities and villages is ahead:

  • Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy. Shri Dalada Maligawa Temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to legend, the tooth of the Buddha has incredible power.. That, who owns the relic, has power and authority over the state. You can see the shrine 24 hours a day.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens. Also located near the city of Kandy. Large-scale, stunning park with outlandish trees, flowers and other plants. Guests are guaranteed a fascinating walk among tropical greenery and acquaintance with the amazing flora and fauna.
  • Whale safari in Mirissa. Going out to sea in search of whales and a flock of dolphins. Boat safari allows you to see the largest mammals in the world from afar – blue whales, as well as century-old turtles, dolphins and other marine life.
  • Adam's Peak. Climbing the sacred mountain Adam's peak, where, According to the legend, there was a footprint of the Buddha. The most beautiful views of the surroundings from a bird's eye view. Meeting the dawn at one of the highest points in Ceylon.
  • Mount Sigiriya. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hiking to a rocky plateau with a height of 370 meters above sea level. At the top of lion's mountain, v 5 v. n. NS., there lived the king of the island – Kassapa. The ruins of the world's first fountain with an automatic water supply system remain to this day., as well as part of the royal gardens and a Buddhist temple, which functioned even before the reign of Kassapa.
  • The ancient cities of Pollonaruwa and the Dambulla cave complex. Ruins of ancient villages, stupas with a long history.
  • Jungle Safari – Yala National Park. By jeep, straight to the jungle, in search of wild elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, flocks of deer and leopards. During the trip, you can see the diverse fauna of Sri Lanka. Interesting excursion for adults and children.
  • Fort Galle. An ancient fort in the city of Galle tells about the history of the conquest of Sri Lanka by three states: Holland, Portugal and England. All this time, The fort stood guard, trying to ensure the security of the country.

Lankan service

Since I turned to criticizing the service in Sri Lankan, worth saying, that in a cafe it is not customary to give paper napkins, they need to be asked. And the table in the restaurant, but only in special cases, wipes down with a universal cloth, which for all occasions. The generally accepted logic in serving ordered dishes can also be skipped.: bring salad after coffee, on the track, It is quite a common story. The inhabitants of Ceylon are very slow inhabitants.!And there is also a feeling, that Sri Lankans live one day

It is important for them today to enter into profitable commodity-money relations with you.. Make this relationship honest and interesting for the client, so that he comes to them tomorrow, not their concern. Therefore, let's move on to the popular petty scoundrels of tourists in Sri Lankan. We encountered a couple of them immediately, stepped on the land of Ceylon

If my story convinces you, what you need to take out travel insurance, then you can do it here, even if you are already traveling. Choose only the options you need, do not overpay for that, what you don't need:


V 1895 году правительство Цейлона ввело в обращение первые бумажные деньги, банкноты по 5 rupees. V 1894 появились банкноты по 10 rupees, v 1899 — по 1000 rupees, v 1914 — 50 rupees, v 1917 — 1 and 2 рупии, v 1926 — 100 and 500 rupees. V 1492 году появились банкноты по 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents. Их печатали до 1949 of the year. V 1951 году центральный банк Цейлона начал печать бумажных денег, введя банкноты по 1 and 10 rupees. V 1952 появились банкноты по 2, 5, 50 and 100 rupees. V 1963 банкноты по 1 рупии были заменены монетами. WITH 1977 года банкноты печатаются центральным банком Шри-Ланки. V 1979 появились банкноты по 20 rupees, v 1981 — по 500 and 1000 rupees, v 1998 — 200 rupees, and in 2006 — 2000 rupees. Необычность банкнот Шри-Ланки состоит в том, что изображение на их оборотной стороне вертикально. Банкнота в 200 рупий печатается на полимерном материале. Печатью банкнот занимается компания De la Rue Lanka Currency and Securities Print (Pvt) Ltd, совместное предприятие правительства Шри-Ланки и De la Rue, British printing company. The following banknotes are now in circulation:

  • 10 rupees
  • 20 rupees
  • 50 rupees
  • 100 rupees
  • 200 rupees (polymer banknotes are still in circulation 1998 of the year)
  • 500 rupees
  • 1 000 rupees
  • 2 000 rupees (introduced 17 october 2006)

Series of banknotes

  • 1951 "King George VI"
  • 1952 "Queen Elizabeth II"
  • 1956 "Heraldic emblem of Ceylon"
  • 1962 "Portrait C. V. Р. D. Bandaranaike »
  • 1965 "Vignette of the Great Parakmabahu"
  • 1970 "Portrait C. V. Р. D. Bandaranaike »
  • 1975 "Heraldic emblem of Ceylon"
  • 1979 «Фауна и флора»
  • 1981 «История и археология»
  • 1987 «История и развитие»
  • 1991 "Heritage of Sri Lanka"
  • 1998 «50-я годовщина независимост и Шри-Ланки» (памятные банкноты по 200 рупий на полимере)
10 Rupees
20 Rupees
50 Rupees
100 Rupees
500 Rupees
1000 Rupees
2000 Rupees


Nowadays beauty, abundance, the island's charm attracts numerous tourists. This tropical island is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, southeast of the coast of India.

Island area - 65 525 sq. km., length from north to south 435 km, from west to east 225 km. The main part of the island is occupied by the plain, whose height rarely exceeds 100 m. above ocean level. In the center of the island is the Central mountain range - Upland. The highest point of the island is Mount Pidurutalagala (height 2524 m). The most famous Adam's peak is 2243 m. Numerous rivers of the country flow down from the mountains. Some of the island's rivers are navigable. The largest river Mahaveli Ganga (335 km) originates near Adam's Peak and flows into the Indian Ocean in eastern Sri Lanka near Trincomalee.

Other rivers of Malvanuna Oya - 164 km, Kelani Ganga - 145 km. The only river, not originating in the mountains, Kala Oya - 148 km, flows out of the ancient giant reservoir Kalaveva, built in the 5th century AD. 212 meter Cosland Bride Vale ("Bridal veil") - one of the highest waterfalls in the world with a single stream. Waterfall Babarakanda - 241 m. the highest cascade on the island.

All along the coast, Sri Lanka is girdled 1600 km of the most beautiful tropical beaches. Due to the seasonality of the rains on each of the coasts, on part of the island you can always enjoy dry and sunny weather. The main beaches stretch from Vakkala to Negombo, Mount Lavinia, Air blowers, Kalutars and Beruwels in the west and southwest, and up to Bentotta, Ahungalle, Hikkaduwa, Dickwells, Tangalle and Hambantota in the south. The pristine beaches of the east coast of Nilaveli, Kuchaveli, Pasekuda and Arugam Bay - Stretching north and south of Trincomalee.

V 160 km from the truly tropical seaport and commercial capital of Colombo, the mountain resort of Nuwara Eliya is located (1890 m), where are the cool nights. Here tourists can enjoy freshly harvested strawberries and asparagus, and also warm up by the fire. The resort is nestled among high mountain ranges and tea plantations. Queen Anne and King George architecture, charming flower gardens and a golf course with 18 holes remind of British colonial rule. Hakgala Botanical Gardens are renowned for their magnificent collections of subtropical flora. The highlands are the place, where some of Sri Lanka's famous goods come from. Tea plantations occupy about 200 000 hectares, many aromatic spices also grow in the area, especially a lot of them around Kandy.

Nature lovers will be delighted with the magnificent nature reserves in the mountainous regions of the country: Sinharaja rain forest (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List), Knuckle mountain range, the humid mountain forests of the Horton Valley, breathtaking mountain gorges, such as the End of the World, Haputale and Ella, cascade waterfall Dialum, sixth highest in the world, the most beautiful bay of Trincomalee. The foot of the mountains from the southeast side around Ratnapura (City of Gems) rich in gorgeous gems.

Sri Lanka amazes with natural abundance: precious and semi-precious stones, all variety of spices - cinnamon, cardamom, Carnation, nutmeg, pepper, 117 orchid species and 242 species of butterflies, 441 bird species. The variety of wild animals is striking - from huge elephants to tiny lorises, all types of tropical and subtropical fruits and more 500 species of medicinal plants. The rich flora and fauna is preserved in 13 national parks, as well as in over a hundred other protected areas. Among the most accessible nature reserves is Yala (Spirit), Uda Valave, Vasgomuva, Gall Oya, Maduru Oya, Horton Valley, Bundala, Kumana, Viravila, Kalametia and Giant Lake.

Elephants can be seen in the reserves, leopards, bears, wild buffalo, reindeer, monkeys, boars, wild cats, lizards, giant squirrels. Among the birds you can see - blue magpies, paradise and dark blue flycatchers, yellow-eared bulbul, orange long-tailed larvae, mountain hawk eagles, falcons, black-necked herons. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a unique elephant sanctuary, where little elephants are raised.


  • The main city of the country is Colombo, but the official capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayawardenepuru Kotte.
  • The temperature difference during the year is only 5 degrees.
  • Sri Lankan woman became the first woman prime minister in the world. In 1960, Sirimavo Bandaranaike was appointed to this post..
  • Tea plantations are the pride of Sri Lanka. Any tourist will be shown the cooking process and given tea tasting.. But for the locals, working on tea plantations is practically slave labor.. The island produces about 10% of all tea in the world, Sri Lanka is the third largest producer of this product in the world.
  • 70% Sri Lankans profess Buddhism.
  • Prices for everything - from food in restaurants to entering temples - for tourists ten times more, than for local.
  • Most of the railways were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Because of this, trains travel at an extremely low speed for Europeans..


Говоря о бухте Велигама, обязательно стоит упомянуть о серфинге, ведь это просто идеальное место для любителей постоять на доске. Таким его делают подходящие условия — небольшие и постоянные длинные волны, огромная бухта и безопасное песчаное дно. Всё это вкупе с приятной, расслабляющей атмосферой и завораживающими видами делает бухту Велигама такой притягательной для серферов.

Официально заниматься серфингом можно с октября по апрель, но на это правило здесь мало кто обращает внимание. Преодолевать океанские волны в бухте Велигама учатся круглогодично

А чтобы уроки сёрфинга давались легко и с удовольствием, в Велигаме работают специальные школы и серф-кемпы. Для последних характерно не только обучение, но и проведение разных тематических мероприятий.

As for the cost, то средняя цена за один сёрф-урок составляет 15–20 долларов, а часовая аренда доски обойдётся где-то в 2–3 доллара.

Aldas Ten


  • Boseong Poya Festival. The festival is held in early June. These days in 247 BC Buddhism became the main religion of Sri Lanka.
  • Christmas. Although most Sri Lankans are Buddhist, Christmas with all its attributes is not neglected here.
  • Tai Pongal Harvest Festival. On the first day of the Tamil month of Tai, farmers thank nature and domestic animals for helping to get a rich harvest..
  • Full Moon Duruthu. Celebrated in January with a solemn and colorful procession.
  • Tai Pongal. Tamil holiday, dedicated to the sun god, celebrated in January.
  • Full Moon Wesak. Celebrated in May. Paper lanterns hang in the streets, processions are held and performances are shown.
  • Festival of Lights is celebrated by Hindus. It marks the end of the rainy season.
  • Independence Day. 4 February, Sri Lankans celebrate receiving in 1948 year of independence from British rule.
  • The full moon Navam. Celebrated in February on the shores of Lake Beira in Colombo. The program includes dances, music of drums and flutes.

Sri Lanka - the legendary Ceylon

Шри-Ланка — это легендарный остров чая Цейлон.

Находится Ланка — здесь, south of India, this is an island. Столица Шри-Ланки — это город Коломбо, который находится на Западном побережье. Sri Lanka can be conditionally divided into such parts

  • West Coast,
  • East Coast,
  • South coast.

Все побережья — это нескончаемые пляжи, but you have to watch, where to go, в зависимости от сезона. Sometimes, when it rains in the east, in the west season. Etc.
Depending on whether, when you arrive, you need to go to a particular region, I'll write a little more about this below.

  • В центре Ланки есть область — The Hill Country (rice. — 1 zone) — Горная территория, there are a lot of beautiful things, tea plantations , much more. I highly recommend you get there.
  • Далее — Северно-Центральная территория — The Ancient Cities (rice. — 2 zone), этот район более на культуру заточен, by religion. Всё красивое именно здесь — церкви, stupas, century history. You will find all this here.
  • Jaffna the North (rice. — 3 zone) — это уже более нетуристическая часть. Я бы даже сказал — совсем не туристическая, and it looks more like the north of India. That is, if you really want to go there, you are exactly such a forbidden part (it was there that the main hostilities with the Tamil Eelam Tigers were fought) attracts, then you will need to apply for a special permit, to enter this region.
  • Zones 4,5, and 6 рисунка — это побережья с прилегающими землями (4 — Западное, 5 — Восточное, 6 — Южное), там в основном находятся туристские зоны — отельные комплексы, beaches, entertainment for tourists and the capital + infrastructure facilities.


On the world map

На каждом шагу продаются лотерейные билеты.

Lottery tickets are sold at every turn.

Electric cabinets are wrapped in mesh, чтобы на них не вешали афиши и объявления.

Electrical boxes are wrapped with wire mesh to prevent flyering and bill posting.

Traffic lights.

A traffic light.


An intersection.

The markings in front of the zebra are made in a zigzag, how in , or .

Traffic lane markings turn into zigzags at the approach to a zebra crossing, like in , or .

curious, что почти на каждом здании в центре висит кафельная плитка с логотипом всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО.

Interestingly, almost every building downtown bears a tile with the UNESCO World Heritage logo.

At the same time, all these houses are disfigured in the most mediocre way by advertising., накладными щитами и стеклопакетами.

Yet all of these buildings have been disgracefully mutilated with ads, stuck-on panels and insulated window units.

A request to be decorous.

Please observe propriety at all times.


The city.

Табло на вокзале.

A passenger information display at the train station.

Tourist office.

A tourist office.

Самая интересная деталь в Канди — бумажка еженощного обхода магазинов охраной. Восемь раз за ночь вохровец должен поставить свою подпись на бумажке, приклеенной рядом с дверью магазина, reaffirming, что ничего не случилось.

The most interesting detail in Kandy is the paper nightly security log. Eight times a night, a paramilitary security officer must sign the piece of paper glued on the wall next to the shop door to confirm that nothing happened.

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