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What do they offer?

Each visitor has the opportunity to buy tickets for world famous lotteries. It is, in particular, about such large projects, as:

  • Mega Sena
  • Oz Lotto
  • Australian Powerball
  • French Lotto
  • ElGordo
  • UK Lotto
  • Lotto 6aus49
  • LaPrimitiva
  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot
  • SuperEnaLotto
  • Powerball
  • MegaMillions
  • SuperEnaMax

Other suggestions include keno, scratch cards and instant lotteries.

At the time of publication of the review, the site was transferred to 13 world languages ​​- there is a version in Russian, there is English and all European languages. Other features - foreign exchange transactions. You can withdraw funds from the system in dollars, Euro and British pounds. Bank cards and popular electronic payment systems Skrill and Neteller are accepted for payment. Apart from these ways, additional options are offered - payment by vouchers and cash, bank transfers.

There is an interesting feature here - on their pages, the agent's representatives report, what is the minimum deposit 10 euros, but, if you study the rules of replenishment, you can deposit a smaller amount. Is there a real limitation, if the agent himself ambiguously reports an alternative opportunity, remains unclear.

After examining the presented tickets, we have set the minimum ticket price - this is 1,17 US dollars. Also, the agent does not deduct a commission on winnings., and the minimum amount, which can be sent for payment, is 10 euros.

Also, in the agent's feed, you can always find complete information about the results of lottery draws, and if you wish, you can also set up email notifications to receive the information you are interested in.

Stock & Lucker Lotto Bonuses

As we noted above,, after registration, Lotto Lucker owners will give you a free lottery ticket as a compliment for becoming their customer. Imaging Winning The Biggest Jackpot With This Invitation Card? Sounds amazing, right?

But there is even more, to sweeten the deal. You'll get 12% discount on any other purchase you make with Lotto Lucker. More tickets, more discount. Also, as soon as you bought tickets with Lotto Lucker when the value $1,000, you will be upgraded with a VIP client. Here, you can collect VIP points and exchange them for more discounts.

Lotto Lucker is among those manufacturers, which announce regular promotions and you can get some amazing opportunities, if you follow them closely.

Exposing the project “Lotto Agent”

Personally, I am skeptical about any lottery, since there is no guaranteed income. You can either guess, or spend all the money on tickets and get nothing at all. И администрация сайта нам об этом всем четко заявляет в Условиях использования сайта.

There are no guarantees in the lottery, since this is just a matter of chance. Moreover, it is also interesting, that the lottery operator will hold the drawing and everything will be fair, and this also needs to be taken into account.

Also, gentlemen admins are not responsible for errors., glitches and bugs on the site, for advertising, hosted on the platform and so on. And if you suddenly lose your ticket or place your order incorrectly, you yourself will be responsible for all your actions in this direction.

Obviously, that it is because of such interesting rules that the site of the main resource has a negative level of trust, namely -12.

Although some users can be understood, because they are losing money here steadily, according to users, leaving negative reviews about the platform. Some people say, that the site is a well-disguised scam, since when winning small amounts (3-5 dollars) they send the won money to the players, and if you won 1000 bucks or more, then you will not receive any funds.

And most of the positive comments about the platform are written somehow sugary, too implausible, as if to order.

Well, don't forget, что эти господа всего лишь отвечают за покупку и доставку пользователям лотерейных билетов. And this is where their mission ends. These are real tickets, exactly those, which you ordered or not – this does not bypass them all. And you will not be able to make claims to your comrades, поскольку фирма имеет офшорную регистрацию.

Soft-lotto who are you?

By checking the domain name of the site which operators will refer to in the future, you can see this information.

  • Owner - the domain has at least a second owner
  • First registration date - earlier 2015 of the year
  • Current registration date - 11 November 2019 (2 months ago)

Everything is standard. In the Zen feed, there is another advertisement "Earnings on the Internet" if you are interested in additional earnings, leave your mail we will contact you. Well ok not a question, I leave mail and contacts as similar as possible to the contacts of an ordinary user and then I correspond on his behalf.

How the Likee video creation service works

Социальная платформа для публикации коротких видео Likee была запущена в июле 2017 of the year by the Singapore company BIGO Technology Pte. Ltd, разработчиком VoIP-продуктов и программ для редактирования и трансляции видео. Её основная функция — создание видеороликов с использованием специальных эффектов и фильтров, а также с наложением музыки.

Likee service is designed like a social network: пользователи могут оставлять комментарии и лайки друг другу, send private messages, записывать видеодуэты и так далее. Он быстро стал популярным на родине и привлек пользователей из других стран. На начало 2020 года приложение представлено в 150 countries of the world.

Крупнейшие рынки с наибольшей активностью пользователей — Индия, Russia, США и Индонезия. В третьем квартале 2019 года число активных пользователей в месяц достигло 100 million people. Likee входит в число самых скачиваемых приложений социальных медиа в мире — в августе 2019 года оно заняло 3-е место в рейтинге Google Play и 4-е — в общем рейтинге по версии Sensor Tower.

Materials of the Lotto LEGGENDA SHIBUYA sneaker

The upper of the sneaker is made of quite thin, but obviously very durable artificial mesh and natural suede, there, where is it needed. Most likely, they are not hot and well ventilated, although on the leg they look quite "dense". Inside - synthetic fabric, the same mesh and cork, from the heel. I will separately note the tongue. He's cool! He's so tight, stuffed and standing: outside it is a kind of "raincoat", and from the inside - synthetic fabric. Briefly speaking, from all materials, the most vulnerable seems to be the most natural part - suede.

Top materials

Sole of Lotto LEGGENDA SHIBUYA sneakers

The outsole is made of a very dense foam material, and that part of it that is in contact with the ground is like polyurethane, or another very dense, and I will hope, wear-resistant material.


I will separately tell you about the comfort of wearing these sneakers.. So here, they sit on the leg very comfortably. Looks like this is facilitated by materials, of which they are made. Add, that they have a weak fixation of the heel. The heel “walks” vertically and this is a very big disadvantage for sneakers, if you plan to run in them. I suppose, that when running fast, you can unintentionally take off your shoes. 😀 Possibly, this problem only occurs when lacing with short laces, and if lacing with ordinary long, what are additionally included, the heel will fit better. Though, this may be due to a rather dense and not flexible enough sole? Maybe so. So, for running, most likely, I would not recommend them.

It's great to do them in the gym.. Although there is a nuance here - a high sole, so if you do deadlift, such crosses will add leverage to you! It will be a little harder. The rest – all OK! Also, their insole is not orthopedic., but the sole itself from the inside is orthopedic. That is, the support of the heel arch is absolutely tangible and sensible.. Suddenly!

All in all, I'm happy with the sneakers. Highly. And quality, and style, and the price and everything, everything, everything.

Special offers

Lotto 247 offers standard games for clients, there is no possibility to use additional game options. It is also worth focusing on the fact, that the agent does not distribute lottery tickets - system accepted pond.

A loyalty program is provided for new players - if the first bet is unsuccessful, its full value is returned to the gaming account. Also, if you have deposited money into the account not from a credit card, the agent credits a special bonus 100%.

There are a lot of promotional offers - Lotto loyalty program 247 very elaborate, however, you can get comprehensive information about them after registration and authorization on the site. There are no mobile clients either, all actions are performed through the site, its mobile version.

Top 20 Most Popular Likers in the World 2020 year

We offer a list of the most popular Likers in the world:

  1. Nastenka Kosh, ник – Severkosh, 14.2M users subscribed to the girl. The number of likes is 623.8M.
  2. Milana nekrasova, name on the MILANA platform, subscriptions are 18,6 million people. Likes make up 574,9 million.
  3. MERELIN MIKE RAHE, nickname on the Mereline platform. Has 4.6M followers. Likes on the page 83,3 m.
  4. Mariya_OnMyGot, about 8.7M audience on the account. Of them 125, 7 million positive marks.
  5. Elina Fox, name on page Chanterelle Elina. Popular content maker with audience 14,1 m. "Likes" on the account 210, 7 m.
  6. alenka_star_be имеет 11,7 million audience and 147 million likes for the video.
  7. WikaToriia is the first Ukrainian blogger in the ranking. The number of subscribers is 13.7M. Account gets about 219.9 million likes under the videos.
  8. Maxim Sergeev or Maceu - a guy from Russia with an audience of 10.6M. At the same time "Like" on publications 176,6 million.
  9. Christie.Charm - a young blogger from Russia. Total People Per Page 3.8M. Content collects 63,3 млн.likes.
  10. Yaroslava Boerova - SmollBoss. Account subscribers 4,1 m. Likes reach 48,8 m.
  11. Brijash - 83355A with followers count 220,6 thousand and 2 million likes on publications.
  12. Mithi girl или 111266197, audience 1,1, likes 7,4 m.
  13. Denis Pavlov or The Denis. Current number of users 6 m. with indicators 62.6M
  14. Nasya Kaila Nazifah is the name of Nasyakailanazifa, followers 2,8 m, and likes 10,1.
  15. Mariya Potapova - mary080303, 3,6 m subscribers and 71,7 million likes.
  16. Regina - _hobbit_ has 950 thousand and 14 млн likes.
  17. Kartik Kumar - kartik8207660085 имеет 461 thousand followers and 2.1M likes.
  18. Elizaveta Striž - _Lizzka_ s 6,7 m. audience and 190M marks.
  19. Nikita Chebanov - nikitachebanov has an audience of 9,7 m. and 116 M views.
  20. Anya Volkova - volkovaania2007 with 6,9 m subscribers and 162M.

Research of project activities

The system operates illegally in the Russian Federation, she is not registered, as a commercial or non-profit organization.

Single document, which the portal's management is trying to pass off as a legal, is talking, that you are not gambling, do you make a voluntary donation. In case of misunderstanding, no one owes anything to anyone: you are donors, not players.

Information about the lottery "Lotokha"

Domain Name System 5-6 months, and the servers are located in Finland.

Service location

System sites are blocked by Roskomnadzor on the territory of the Russian Federation. for example, If you run it through a regular browser, nothing will open. But if you get access through anonymizers or a proxy server, the loaded site is indistinguishable from the official one.

Site blocking

As stated above, the service was not limited to two domain names: there are four of them. And everyone leads to identical pages.

Multiple service domains

Website owners are encouraged to publish their banners on their pages. Among the possible options are pictures with different sentences: then for the click of a button you get 40 rubles, then 45.

Banners on

Audience and potential for brands

Приложение Likee очень популярно у российских пользователей, всего за два года присутствия на рынке платформа заняла ведущую позицию в категории приложений для создания коротких видеороликов.

Аудитория Likee составляет более 8 миллионов активных пользователей ежемесячно, almost 50% из которых публикуют контент. Среднее время использования приложения с одного аккаунта составляет более 1 часа в день, показатель по среднему количеству просматриваемых видео ежедневно превышает 250 роликов.

Ближайшие аналоги Likee — TikTok и Snapchat. В России сервис только недавно начал коммерциализацию и запустил первые совместные проекты с брендами, who immediately received good coverage among users.

Для брендов это прекрасный способ взаимодействия с поколением Z — будущими покупателями, loyalty which you can earn today. As the authors of a recent BCG study point out, социальные медиа являются основным каналом донесения рекламной информации до молодой аудитории. Причём фокус в ней нужно делать на визуальный контент и максимально короткие форматы, as the zetas consume information in fragments.

At the same time, smartphones act as the main device for online shopping.: для шоппинга их используют 75% молодых потребителей. В целом молодая аудитория вполне себе платёжеспособна: по оценке американского конгломерата Meredith MNI Targeted Media, уже сегодня представители поколения Z совершают покупок на 4 billion $.

Quality of Lotto LEGGENDA sneakers

The real quality of these sneakers can only be said two years later.. Now I can only note the neat gluing and sewing of the top of the sneakers. Everything is smooth, without sags and distortions and looks very solid. Having experience wearing Lotto sneakers - I suppose, there will be no questions about the quality of implementation, and the materials of this model look good. Truth, note, that previous sneakers were made in China, and these are in Bangladesh

It is important?

Sure, considering the yellow-gray color (there are others), you cannot count on their long presentation. Although I specifically bought them for the gym, and there they have nowhere to get dirty.

More remarkable, what's on the tag, what was attached to the new sneaker, there is some text in Italian and English, which is initially perceived as a kind of "blah blah blah", like the legend of the appearance of this shoe, or something else like that. But it turned out, here:

This product is handcrafted, therefore, some discrepancies in appearance only emphasize its uniqueness. Same way, please, be careful and avoid contact with light or delicate surfaces, as it can lead to color change.

In simple words, the manufacturer warned, that sneakers may not be perfectly identical, since they are made by hand, and they can also shed. 😀 Who cares?

Unusual Lotto insole

They also have some kind of unusual insole ... besides, that she is ordinary, not orthopedic, she is three-part: base of some kind of artificial material, back - with lateral support and surface, what is in contact with the leg is a thin layer of balsa wood, literally a third of a millimeter thick. Why? But it looks nice, naturally.

Who are Likers?

Likers are users of the Likee online platform. Page owners record clips and add to feed. Friends and subscribers view content, put likes and write comments. The main thing is to get a response from the public. Bloggers communicate with the audience and share useful information. In electronic stores, the program has more 90 million downloads. According to the rules of the Google Play store, the application is available for download from 12 years old. In Appstore, installation is allowed with 16 years old.

Despite these limitations, most famous users are boys, girls from 10-15 years and girls, guys with 15-18 years old. The older generation uses the network as an auxiliary tool for promoting an Instagram account.. Many subscribers come from Likee or TikTok.

Brands in Likee

Партнёрство с брендами на платформе осуществляется в двух основных направлениях — запуск хештег-челленджа, для участия в котором привлекаются топ-лайкеры, и создание фирменных стикеров и спецэффектов. При этом оба пути не исключают друг друга, for a wider coverage, it is worth using both methods.

Брендированные хештег-челленджи имеют ярко выраженный виральный эффект и обеспечивают большое количество просмотров и участников в короткие сроки.

for example, челлендж #PUBGMOBILEKing привлёк за две недели 6,6 млн участников — они создали 440 thousand videos, которые в общей сложности получили 66,5 million views.

Специальный эффект бренда — это создание масок, фильтров и кастомизированных эффектов с использованием атрибутики бренда. for example, a clothing brand can create a virtual sweatshirt, which the user can "try on", бренд мобильных игр — ситуативные «маски» для героев, бренд продуктов питания — забавные стикеры и тому подобное.

Besides, можно создать собственный аккаунт в сообществе и использовать его для взаимодействия с целевой аудиторией. for example, молодые артисты активно регистрируются в Likee, поскольку приложение даёт им выход на потенциальных слушателей и позволяет поддерживать тесную связи с поклонниками.

for example, певица Мия Бойка публикует не только отрывки из собственных клипов, но и записывает видео, в которых танцует под свои песни. Молодой исполнитель Фогель призывает поклонников публиковать видео с песнями своего сочинения и отмечать его аккаунт в рамках конкурса по поиску талантов. The leader of the group "Marseille" Styopa Marseille most often publishes a humorous video. А у упомянутого выше лейбла Black Star на платформе есть собственная «коллективная» страница, где публикуют бекстейдж-съёмки видеоклипов и смешные видео от артистов лейбла.

LottoLucker – the working process

Even if you've never done this before, Lotto Lucker gives you access to such a user-friendly website, that you can enter your first international lottery within minutes. Lotto Lucker is preferred by lottery enthusiasts, as it offers to save time for the decision to be part of the competition for the largest jackpots in the world.

After that, how did you register, choose the lottery you want to enter and choose the numbers. After that, how do you buy tickets, all, what is left to wait for the lottery draw, which you chose, to enter.

How to make money like with PR

PR can earn already established bloggers with an audience of about 10 thousand subscribers. The bottom line is, that users buy ads from more popular bloggers on Likee, who, in turn, recommend subscribing to novice bloggers.

For, to get good money selling advertising, you need to gain a sufficient number of subscribers on your account and have a significant status among other bloggers. Here are some tips, which should be followed, to unwind in Likee:

  • Watch competitors' videos daily, compare and improve ideas. "There is no limit to perfection" - banal, but the meaningful phrase in this case.
  • Follow trends and try to post original content, which I would like to share.
  • Register your account. tell us about yourself, their interests in the section "About me". Make video covers, try, so that the pictures are combined with each other. This will create a pleasant first impression on the person., who just went to the profile and with a high probability he wants to watch your videos.
  • Find your niche. Perhaps, you draw great, dance, go in for sports or be well versed in a topic. Shoot short videos on this topic, and you will definitely interest like-minded people.
  • To promote Likee more effectively, create additional social networks, for example instagram or YouTube. Many will be interested in your work on Likee and will definitely subscribe.

Creative success at Likee!

Обязательно вступай в группу по likee вк, to learn more about the app like and advertise your page.

And also read other important instructions for the like app:


We do not recommend using the project to make money because:

  • no evidence, that the program chooses numbers or players randomly;
  • the project is regularly blocked by Roskomnadzor;
  • there are enough negative reviews on the Internet and on the pages of the service;
  • the system of requirements for withdrawing funds is too complicated and incomprehensible;
  • confusion on the site, eg, with offers on banners;
  • according to the official Agreement of the portal, you are not a player, and a voluntary donor.

In small print on non-main pages of the service, its management disclaims responsibility, and for show talks about the winnings before 300$. Don't fall for unsecured messages, resembling divorce.

I do not recommend this project

note:. Our website has a large section with proven courses

Our company checks each scheme on itself for at least a month, before, how to recommend it to you

Our website has a large section with proven courses. Our company checks each scheme on itself for at least a month, before, how to recommend it to you.

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